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SYNAFOC qualifies ISOHSA ‘best club’ in Elite Two

by Lesley Ngwa
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  • ISOHSA is one of two second tier institutions on the list alongside Bafmeng United FA that regularly pay salaries
  • Four Elite One clubs and two in the Elite Two championship made it to SYNAFOC clean bill
  • Per the studies over 70% of clubs in the country have not paid part or all of their players salaries this season

Cameroon’s National Syndicate of professional footballers (SYNAFOC) have named Isle of Hope Sports Academy (ISOHSA) of Limbe have as the club with the most salaries paid to players and staff throughout the 2023/24 season.

The list published via a press conference in Yaoundé this Friday, includes the Elite football newbies ISOHSA and Bafmeng United AFA who joined professional football six months ago.

The SYNAFOC independent investigations conducted by it’s team for the period of October 2023 to June this year have it that that ISOHSA paid five months of entire salary commitments for the period the eight months period in question while Cotonsport, Victoria United FC, Dynamo and Stade Renard of Melong are the only top-flight franchises with a clean bill.

Per the reports, ISOHSA didn’t pay salaries for the months of January, April and May. kick442.com reached out to the club’s management that explained that they only pay salaries during at least half month of activities for its staff. Therefore, for the month of January it’s players were on the AFCON break that last over 20 days while for the months of April and May it’s players had gone home for the end of season break.

This publication thus indicates that 29 of the 35 clubs in the first and second tier championship have not met part or all of their obligations for the period under study.

The studies indicate that the likes of Dragon Yaounde, TKC, Renaissance plus YAFOOT, FAP , Djiko FC and Unisport of the MTN Elite Two championship have not regularly paid salary this season.

The case of Dragon, YAFOOT, Djiko FC, Renaissance, Eding Sport is grievous as they have not paid any salaries this term which leaves their players in a worrying situation.

Over the years, SYNAFOC has made huge efforts in pushing clubs to pay its members (footballers), though they have met by firm resistance.

Sources have it that, the Syndicate is now working on reporting FECAFOOT to FIFA for not doing enough to ensure that FECAFOOT pays its players.

The subvention salary conundrum:

The call for clubs to pay players salaries lately has been met by a serious backlash caused by the fact that clubs have not received their dues from the Cameroon football federation. Its important to note that the government set a minimum salary for professional footballers in 2011 after agreeing to pay the minimum wage via a subvention they have given to FECAFOOT annually since then.

Second tier championship institutions like ISOHSA and Eding Sport were expected to receive 28 millions FCFA this season, but most of them say they are yet to receive a dime.

The case in the top-flight championship whose clubs were due 48 million FCFA is no different. Just like second tier championship side Leopard Sportif, MTN Elite One championship leaders, Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda is on record to have reached out to the FA to inform them of their inability to pay their players because they are yet to receive their salary oriented subventions from FECAFOOT.

The way forward

FECAFOOT must keep its word and mandate clubs to also honor their engagement. Granted that the subvention clubs expect from FECAFOOT is a part of the engagement government took towards professional football back in 2011 and annually transfers money to managers of professional football (FECAFOOT in the case of this season), it’s incumbent on the Federation to ensure the money gets to its destination – by disbursement and follow-up to see that the commited players are paid unconditionally.

FECAFOOT refusing to transfer these funds and lack of stringent punishment against defaulters hasn’t helped matters in the sector.

Going forward FECAFOOT should meet his side of the bargain and deduct points from clubs that don’t pay players or even go as far as relegation of those that persist in refusal to pay.

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