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FECAFOOT cleans surrounding of Warda building

The FECAFOOT headquarters in Warda has been under construction for over ten years but until recently it's most attractive aspect was the heaps of sewage around it

by Lesley Ngwa
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  • FECAFOOT has put an end to the polemic about waste disposed at the doorsteps of its office under construction in Warda
  • Paid agents cleaned the place last weekend while it’s local council place an order against Sewage at the site
  • Samuel Eto’o Fils is the sixth FECAFOOT president working on the over ten-year project to set up a befitting office for FECAFOOT 

The Cameroon Football federation (FECAFOOT) has finally cleaned the sorroundings of its headquarters under contract at the Warda neighbourhood in Yaoundé.

Footages that filtered on social media on Sunday showed the area noted for accommodation of heaps of sewage in a bright state after paid agents took away it’s unwanted occupants.

Kick442.com understands, the Samuel Eto’o Fils led FECAFOOT paid for the job to be done around the structure so as to bring an end to all the negative vibes that the construction site has been subjected to due to the dirty nature of the environment since the resumption of construction works a few weeks ago.

Besides cleaning the place, FECAFOOT has secured an order from the Mayor of the municipality and planted it around the previous waste disposal site, stating individuals or group of persons are no longer allowed to dump refuge at the site.

Henceforth, sewage disposal around the FECAFOOT headquarters in Warda will earn a lawsuit

The move by FECAFOOT is a rare example of the institution responding to criticism with a productive action in the past three years.

In the meantime, work to achieve a befitting office for the country’s leading football body continues under the watchful eyes of president Eto’o Fils who is hoping to complete the project started over ten years ago by president It’s Mohammed and later followed up by Tombi Aroko Sidiki, Joseph Owona, Dieudonne Happi and most-recently Seidou Mbombo Njoya.

At the moment, FECAFOOT operations are carried out at its age-old office building at the Tsinga neighbourhood though many are of the opinion that for all the institution has achieved they should have a better structure.

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