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CAF disciplinary committee to hear Eto’o Fils and co today

by Lesley Ngwa
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  • CAF president Dr Patrice Motsepe revealed a few months ago that  the law will not exempt Samuel Eto’o from investigations of corruption and match-fixing despite his status
  •  Amidst the controversy, Eto’o’s legal team say they have reported CAF’s Secretary-General to FIFA for defamation of their client, adding to the tension surrounding the investigation that began last year
  • The CAF disciplinary committee will hear the accused and the complainant vis-a-vis results of the investigation this Monday

President Samuel Eto’o Fils of the Cameroon Football federation (FECAFOOT) and other persons related to the ongoing corruption and match-fixing allegations been investigated since last August will appear before the body’s disciplinary committee this Monday morning.

According to our sources, investigations related to the matter brought to the attention of CAF by ‘multiple interested parties’ in Cameroon Football have been completed and reports sent to the disciplinary body which starts the next phase of the job this Monday morning.

Contrary to reports of closure of the file, we understand, a number of the complainants, the accused and the CAF disciplinary panel will hold a virtual session to probed into the matter this June 24 while the public anxiously await the final verdict.

A few months ago, the President of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Dr Patrice Motsepe revealed the investigations against Samuel Eto’o Fils of the Cameroon football federation (FECAFOOT) and co are currently following its expected procedure, and a decision will be arrived at per the norms of CAF and FIFA.

“You have to know how to separate things. On the one hand, Samuel Eto’o, from my point of view, will always be a football player we are very proud of, who was among the most talented and I will continue to be proud of for what he managed to do on the field.

“However, we must also consider these allegations not only in relation to Samuel Eto’o, but in relation to others critical.

The football community in Cameroon is currently on edge as they await the results of the investigations which could have far-reaching consequences on the health of the beautiful game on the continent.

Samuel Eto’o, finds himself at the center of a storm involving allegations of match-fixing dating back to August 2023 per the query of Cameroon football stakeholders.

CAF had announced an investigation into these allegations in 2022, which has cast a shadow over Eto’o’s reputation. Motsepe says global standards are being followed.

“From the point of view of CAF, we must investigate each complaint, each accusation, each allegation. We must do it ethically in accordance with global principles, namely the presumption of innocence, but it is of absolutely critical importance… It’s not just about football.”

“No one, me first and foremost as President of CAF, no one is above the law. Whatever the subject, the decision must be dictated not only by what happens in the deliberations but also by the rules of CAF and FIFA,” CAF President Patrice Motsepe said.

Leaked and Camfoot authenticated audios of a conversation between Samuel Eto’o Fils and president Nkwain Valentine of Victoria United, the alleged audio of match officials getting match results influencing guide from related officials, excerpts of a Victoria United player admitting their capacity to buy games and more have animated the Cameroon Football circle in the last 12 months, leading to complains against president Samuel Eto’o Fils and his crew of collaborators.

Through all these, Eto’o’s legal team expressed their intention to sue the Secretary-General of CAF, Véron Mosengo-Omba months ago, but there hasn’t been any public follow up since then.

They claim that the allegations and the manner in which the investigation has been conducted are defamatory and have threatened legal action.

As the football world watches, the outcome of the CAF investigation will have huge implications on football governance in this five time AFCON winning country and beyond.

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