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Ndip Tambe: “You will come back stronger little brothers, NQSA will bounce back”

by Lesley Ngwa
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Less than 48 hours after Njalla Quan Sport Academy (NQSA) backed out from all FECAFOOT organized competitions, Cameroon international Robert Ndip Tambe has extended moral support to the Club.

The former trainee of NQSA has expressed how sad it feels to see that the young lad who were striving to become great footballers are being deprived of the opportunity.

“I am what I am today thanks to NQSA. They took me from nothing and groomed me into the player I am today. Seeing it go down this route is disheartening.

“I hope things gets back to normal. My prayer is that NQSA comes back stronger because this is a club I hold so dear. It hurts to see your parent club going through tough times. It is not easy especially seeing younger ones pay for a crime they know nothing about,” the Jinan Xingzhou striker told Kick442.com.

The club has been facing a lot lately and this ordeal became visible on June 28 and concluded during their second-leg semi final clash last Sunday against Kumba City FC, that forced the club to suspend its activities indefinitely, while terming the playing condition and arbitration unfair.

However, Tambe who was part of this academy from 2006-2014, remains impressed with the club’s performance and improvement in recent times.

“Despite what is happening with the club now, I am so proud of these little brothers.Their determination, hard-work, progress as they strive for higher heights. I am not shocked that they got to this level of the league. I only feel so bad that it somehow has to end this way. However,I know they will bounce back.

“I advice they see this as a steping stone and not be discouraged. There’s still hope and giving up should not be an option. I know that if they become great players tomorrow, they will never forget NQSA for grooming them. I wish the little ones all the best in their careers”

Despite the odds, NQSA had a great season that saw them reach the semi final of the Southwest regional playoffs after four years but we’re eliminated by Kumba City.

Tambe keeps trusting God for better days despite the odds.

“I don’t envy these young ones at all and will never wish to be in their shoes. It hurts! But I know for sure this Academy I love so much will surely bounce back at least for the sake of these children and the coming generations who have passion for the game. God has a reason for everything,” Tambe voiced out.

Henry Njalla Quan Jr who was then 4th Vice President of the Cameroon football Federation, suspended the club’s activities in his capacity as owner.

This was followed by his resignation less than a week after he was suspended by the Federation for his recent outburst on the management of football in the country.

It is often said, ‘When elephants fight, the grass suffers’,  this is a clear demonstration of the adage.

Just like 2017 AFCON gold medalist Tambe, Njalla Quan sports Academy also groomed now-professionals like Fai Collins, Aurelien Ngombe Etame, Ngweni Ndasi amongst others.

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