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Beyond Limits Champions Gala: Celebrating Triumph and Promotion to NPFL

by Lesley Ngwa
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In a grand ceremony, the President of Beyond Limits Academy, Hon. Kunle Soname, hosted the team to commemorate their remarkable achievement in winning the NNL, 2nd division league in Nigeria. The event, held in Ikenne, marked a significant milestone in the academy’s history as the team secured promotion to the top-flight of the league, NPFL.

The Beyond Limits Champions Gala is a day to remember, filled with joy, pride, and celebration. The team’s dedication and hard work were honored, and their achievement was hailed as a testament to the academy’s commitment to excellence.

Hon. Kunle Soname, in his address, congratulated the team on their well-deserved success, praising their perseverance and teamwork. He also expressed his gratitude to the coaching staff, supporters, and everyone who contributed to the team’s triumph.

The gathering featured awards, speeches, and entertainment, as the team basked in the glory of their achievement. The event served as a motivation for the team to continue striving for excellence as they prepare to compete in the NPFL.

The Beyond Limits Champions Gala was a resounding success, celebrating not only the team’s victory but also the academy’s commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting football excellence in Nigeria.

Photo Credit Sulaiman Pooja Adebayor

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