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Elite one: Coach Alioum Kada Condemns Treatment Amidst “Villagois” Insults

by Lesley Ngwa
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  • The recent football match between Gazelle FA and Victoria United was marred by controversy and mistreatment
  • Gazelle, allegedly faced significant challenges, accessing the stadium coupled with derogatory statements by some members of the football commission
  • Coach Alioum Kada expressed his frustration and concern over the treatment they received prior to this outing

Gazelle FA of Garoua were victims of mistreatment at the Reunification Annex stadium in match day two of the elite one playoff up on Thursday March 28, 2024.

The team who was scheduled to log horns with Victoria United at 2pm , was locked out of the venue for over 20 minutes with no reasonable explanation offered.

Victoria United FC got the winner through Tandasi Fombutu to make it two wins in two games for the Limbe based outfit.

Speaking to the press after the game, coach Alioum Kada could not help but pour out his frustration over this inhumane treatment.

“We were refused entrance into the stadium ,we were blocked out for over 20 Minutes, simply because there are some that are favored, others are helped and others left to fend for themselves,” coach Kada told the media.

What struck Coach Kada the most was the derogatory term used to describe his team: “Villagois.” This label implied that they were considered inferior or hailing from a rural background. He questioned why teams from the far regions of the country, such as Garoua, were unfairly stigmatized as villagers.

“In evidence we were treated as “Villagois”. The members of the commission treated us as “Villagois”, I don’t know if the far part of the country is a village , or Garoua is a village,” he questioned.

Coach Kada emphasized the importance of choosing words carefully, especially when addressing adults. Cameroon is a country of peace and unity, and disrespectful language undermines these core values.

Furthermore, he called for an end to half-measure rules and laws. All teams should be treated fairly, regardless of their origin or status. Unity within the football community is crucial, and respect should prevail.

“We need to be careful with our words, when we are in front of adults. We are a country of peace . A United country, so they have to stop having half-measure rules and laws,” he concluded.

This condemnation sheds light on broader issues that deserve attention and resolution. Fans themselves are sometimes heard calling teams from far off regions derogatory names. Football actors will have to be schooled against such actions.

It is important to note that the incident at the reunification annex stadium was not an isolated case. Surprisingly, other stadiums across the country also experienced similar issues. Bamendzi Stadium in Bafoussam, Tocket Stadium, Mbouda Municipal Stadium, and Omnisport Annex One and Two were all locked to teams, hindering their access to play.

This phenomenon extends beyond individual stadiums; it’s a region-wide concern. Many attribute these lockouts to the federation’s inability to meet financial obligations set by the overseeing body for sporting infrastructures in Cameroon, ONIES. The struggle to maintain and manage these facilities has implications for fair play, unity, and the spirit of the game.

As Cameroon grapples with these challenges, it’s essential to address the broader issues surrounding sports infrastructure funding and ensure equal opportunities for all teams, regardless of their origin or status.

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