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Douala Mayor Facilitates Transportation for African Athletics Championship stakeholders

by Lesley Ngwa
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  • Douala’s Mayor, Dr. Roger MBASSA NDINE, has provided free bus transportation to encourage public to attend the ongoing African athletics championship in Douala 
  • Attendance has been poor since it started on June 21,2024
  • Despite initial challenges, civic-mindedness and support from the community are crucial for elevating the championship experience for both athletes and fans

In an effort to enhance attendance and support for this major continental sporting event, Mayor Dr. Roger Mbassa Ndine, has taken significant steps to ease movement.

Mayor Mbassa announced last Saturday that he will be providing bus transportation for Athletes and fans willing to attend events of the championship.

Fans can board buses at three convenient pickup points: Deido Roundabout, Ancient Dalip, and Ndokoti. This initiative aims to address the challenge of long distances to the Japoma stadium, which has been a contributing factor to low attendance in the first two days of the championship.

In his official communique, Mbassa Ndine encourages the public to actively participate in the competition by rallying behind the athletes, especially the Cameroonians.

The Mayor emphasizes that entry to the Japoma sports complex is free, making it accessible to all.

While the transportation initiative is a positive step, there is still room for improvement as Athletes have expressed their disappointment about organizational issues during a number of conversations with our team.

Mayor Ndine’s move is certainly a step towards the right direction, but a lot needs to be done to make up for what has been a worrying start for all concerned with the organization of one of the continent’s biggest Athletics event.

This competition which kicked off of Friday June 21 will run right up to June 26,2024.

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