by Lesley Ngwa
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Once upon a time stakeholders in or interested in the football sector in Cameroon were very vocal persons. Those days one could say it as it is. It is probably why Cameroonians of all works of life took interest in the beautiful game and felt secured discussing the health of the national team and national football without boundaries.

Those days footballers could ask questions about the operating procedures of the Cameroon football federation (FECAFOOT), coaches could question the management of the sports during post-match conferences, pundits could ask tough questions. Those days, whoever held a football office was accountable.

That tendency of policing the police kept everybody on their toes and gave hope for better and an all inclusive Cameroon football, even if there were little indications of progress.

However, recent years have produced a strange coincidence. These days Cameroon football has reached a point where stakeholders strictly adhere to the unwritten law of ‘though shall not contradict’.

These days it is common to stumble on Reporters, Footballers, Agents, Coaches, Referees and even Club presidents in Cameroon grumbling in their armpits.

The above-mentioned stakeholders and even more clearly appear uncomfortable with a number of operations about the beautiful game, but can’t say a word. Some say it is for fear of being suspended, though the presidents of Unisport of Bafang and Rangers of Bafut are on record to have spoken about the Samuel Eto’o-led executive at FECAFOOT and mentioned they are not afraid of anyone.

Footballers, investors and trainers are faced with major challenges in their welfare but can’t dare to speak.

But what are the actors scared of?

One could be tempted to think the recent suspension and ban sprees in Cameroon football has created the atmosphere of fear willingly and unwillingly.

In the past two years, close to ten stakeholders have been varied suspended from Cameroon football mostly due to their views or actions vis-a-vis the operating procedures of Cameroon football.

Some have suggested, the current FECAFOOT be more accommodating to criticism and stakeholders who have diversed views.


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