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YOSA’s Ndikum Blaise reveals plans against Victoria United

by Lesley Ngwa
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  •  Yong Sports Academy is set to clash with Anglophone Brothers Victoria United on Monday in a match that marks day three of the playoffs.
  • This encounter will be their third meeting this season, having previously faced off during the regular stage of the competition.
  • With both teams tied on points, YOSA’s Coach Ndikum Blaise emphasizes in the pre-match presser that he will approach this game as a crucial determinant in their campaign.

On Monday, April 1, the Reunification Annex Stadium will witness a fierce battle as Yong Sports Academy (YOSA) locks horns with Anglophone Brothers Victoria United in a pivotal match—the third encounter of the playoffs.

Both teams have already crossed paths earlier this season during the regular stage of the competition, where Victoria defeated Yong Sport 2-0 in the first leg in Mbouda, and both sides separated on a one-all draw in the return fixture in Limbe.

48 hours before their third meeting, Yong Sport’s coach, Ndikum Blaise, maintained a calm demeanor in the press conference held this Saturday. He explained that the team will approach the game like the first two playoff encounters, focusing on their game plan and execution.

“Yong Sports Academy of Bamenda is preparing well to face our brothers from the Southwest region. It’s going to be like any other match. While coming here, we knew we had seven games to play. We have played two, and our next opponent is OPOPO. We are ready to confront them by Monday at 4 pm,” Coach Ndikum explained.

Having already won two matches in the playoffs, YOSA is hoping to secure a third win on Monday. The coach highlighted the importance of this encounter and the need to secure a victory. Their top-four finish in the regular season reflects their hard work, discipline, and conscious effort on the field.

“According to me and following our pool, we faced Stade Renard, Cotonsport, Opopo, and other formidable teams. We finished amongst the top four, meaning we earned our place in the playoffs. We did not buy games; we played and won on the pitch. Our secret is hard work, discipline, and consciousness. Our players are always reminded of their ambitions, which is to write history. As they chose football, the players are working hard to be great footballers so they can sign great contracts. Every time there’s no salary, no money, but I encourage the players, saying there’s no big salary in Cameroon. The FA president earned his money abroad, so they should play well to sign better contracts outside with clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Manchester City,” he added.

The coach also addressed the official appointed for Monday’s game, Oumar Matechuet. Known to have officiated many of Victoria United’s games in the past, Ndikum expressed discomfort over this choice.

“The referee that will officiate our match on Monday, Mr. Oumar, is one that has been highly criticized in Elite Two when he officiated Victoria United’s game. We don’t know what is going on—why is Oumar always handling Victoria United’s games? I personally don’t talk about referees, but I am not comfortable. However, I am psychologically ready to play Victoria United, even if they insist on sending Oumar. I think we are not comfortable; our management is not comfortable. There are good colleges of referees in Cameroon, good competent referees, and this same referee—if you take all the games they have complained against Victoria United—at 90%, he was the one that officiated the games.”

Managing a reduced squad due to the double identity claims, YOSA aims to balance player energy efficiently. The coach’s strategic focus centers on stopping Victoria United’s ball movement, particularly targeting key players like Nji Richmond.

“We were deprived of eleven players. I was in charge of the recruitment, and if I retained those eleven players, it means they are important. In the playoffs, we play after 48 hours, so my team is reduced, which has a negative impact. However, with what we have, we are doing our best to manage the team and the players. We don’t want to overuse our energy and find ourselves in a place where there’s no fuel to play other games. We have taken all of that into consideration. Our great preparation at the start is evident; that’s why you see we showed a different face because we trained normally. You remember we started late. My team has been reduced, but I am putting everything in place so that those available will hold on till the end,” he concluded.

A victory against Victoria United would give them the advantage, especially since both teams currently have six points.

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