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NRFF Unveils Newly Redesigned Logo

by Lesley Ngwa
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The Nigeria Rugby Football Federation (NRFF) has unveiled a newly redesigned logo that embodies the values of strength, unity, and progress, reflecting the federation’s mission to promote and develop rugby as a sport in Nigeria.

The new logo features a horse symbol, stripes, and a bold green color. The horse symbolizes speed, strength, and agility, which are key attributes of a rugby player. The stripes evoke the image of a patterned rugby playing field, paying homage to the sport’s heritage and tradition. The green color represents growth, harmony, and nature, signifying the federation’s commitment to developing the sport, promoting teamwork, and fostering a connection with the natural environment.

The NRFF has continuously worked on repositioning the federation to meet the growing demand of an evolving society and cater to the needs of the youth demographic that views sport as a means of empowerment and cultural exchange. This newly redesigned logo is intended to provide a clearer understanding of what the federation stands for.

NRFF President Dr. Ademola Are commented, “Our new logo is more than just a symbol; it represents our dedication to fostering the development of rugby in Nigeria. The elements incorporated into the design highlight our commitment to strength, unity, and progress, which are at the core of our mission.”

The federation aims to leverage this new logo as part of its broader strategy to enhance the visibility and appeal of rugby across Nigeria. By integrating modern design elements with traditional symbols, the NRFF hopes to inspire both current and future generations of rugby players and fans.

“As we unveil this new logo, we are also reaffirming our commitment to growth and development within the sport,” added Opeoluwa Runsewe, CEO of Flovale Consulting, NRFF’s corporate partner. “The redesign is a step forward in our efforts to make rugby a prominent sport in Nigeria, aligning with our goals of fostering financial stability and achieving significant milestones in the coming years.”

The NRFF’s initiative to redesign its logo is part of a comprehensive effort to ensure that rugby in Nigeria continues to thrive. By promoting the sport’s values and heritage, the federation aims to create a lasting impact on the country’s sporting landscape.

The new logo will be featured prominently in all NRFF events, marketing materials, and communications, symbolizing a new era for Nigerian rugby. The federation invites all stakeholders, including players, coaches, fans, and sponsors, to join in celebrating this milestone and supporting the ongoing development of rugby in Nigeria.


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