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Rivers United Players and Staff grumble over unpaid dues

by Lesley Ngwa
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In a deeply concerning development, former players of Rivers United Football Club have come forward to expose the club’s management for failing to pay their dues, raising serious questions about the fairness and integrity of the organization.

Under the leadership of Hon. Christopher Green, the Sports Commissioner of Rivers State, and Chief Okey Kpalukwu, the General Manager of Rivers United, the club stands accused of neglecting their former players and staff. Despite the club’s substantial earnings from CAF competitions, including $550,000 for reaching the quarter-finals last season and an additional $400,000 during the group stages, the players who contributed significantly to these victories have allegedly been denied their rightful bonuses. Among the affected individuals are Ebube Duru, Morice Chukwu, Ndasi Denis, Ohawume Malachi, Darlington Ovunda, Naibe Akpesiri, Chukwudi Lawrence, Lawrence Edward, Agu Kenechukwu, Bolaji Sakin, and Mohammed Shiraz.

Former Chief Coach Fatai Osho, a key figure in the team’s success, has also reportedly been denied his bonuses for two years, further deepening the concern about the management’s conduct.

Despite claims of financial constraints and alleged borrowing, the management allegedly paid the bonuses of current players while leaving their former teammates in financial distress. This has led to a sense of injustice and frustration among the affected players, many of whom are struggling to secure new employment opportunities.

The affected players and staff members are now appealing for intervention, urging relevant authorities to investigate these allegations thoroughly and hold the responsible parties accountable. Their plea is not just for themselves but also for the sake of fairness and transparency in sports management.

This situation underscores the importance of transparency, fairness, and accountability within sporting institutions. It is a reminder that athletes and staff members, who dedicate their time and effort to represent their clubs and communities, deserve to be treated with respect and fairness. The eyes of the public are on the Rivers United management, and the players and staff members hope that their voices will be heard, and the necessary actions will be taken to rectify this injustice, ensuring a brighter future for sports in the region.

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