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EXCLUSIVE: Southwest Referee resigns after opening can of worms

by Lesley Ngwa
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Southwest referee, Akangou Michael has announced his resignation from officiating in the region with immediate effect.

The referee who has been part of the championship in the region for the past four seasons, announced his resignation this Friday evening via a letter kick442.com exclusively got while stating a number of reasons to justify the move.

Akangou cited a number of wrong doings within the profession at the level of region before announcing he is stepping down from the call in the region.

“It is with heavy heart I am bringing to your notice the evil malpractices hovering around south west referees appointment commission (RAC). One of the laws governing FECAFOOT in terms of referee recruitment stipulates that to become a referee you must be physically fit and must validate the physical test. We can attest that this law is been followed all over the national territory but in the south west, it is not the case. Rather, it is the direct opposite of the law.

“In south west, referees who are unable to validate the physical test, turn to play more matches. Equally, it’s only in FECAFOOT South-West who don’t attend beginning season causes are been given important matches to officiate.
The national physical instructor in charge of south west and the Littoral in the formation of referees in the aspect of physical and fitness Mr. Epanlo Henry can attest to this fact, because he has been one of those that have said “No” to these malpractices given to young and talented referees in the region. He has been fighting hard with others to put an end to the bad habit hovering south west FECAFOOT RAC and championing the growth of young and hardworking referees. All these efforts and that of others have been in vain we can still see it happening.

“Some of the members of the south west referees appointment commission (RAC) have prioritized their selfish interest and ego over talent and hard work.

South west regional league has talented and hardworking referees but they are being put in the dark because some of them have refused to be part of that bad circle of people who are dragging the image of south west football into the mud: I had once been given a dirty instruction to carry out by a member of the

“South west RAC commission which I refused and was later on told that as long as they are in power, I will never play the mini Interpools and I should forget about promotion to elite simple because I refused to be used for selfish and personal interest. what I was told is being practiced because I am not playing and promotion is far from me. I am one of the best referees in south west regional league. But for the past two seasons that is 2021-2022 and 2022- 2023 which is ongoing, I have not played a single match of the Mini Interpools not even fourth official yet we see one and the same referees playing day in day out.

“It is no news to referees that some members of the referees appointment commission (RAC) in south west are noted for asking us referees for money of beer: he who gives, play more matches. Sir, I was told years back by a worker of south west FECAFOOT currently working that I don’t play many matches because I don’t give financial and material things (Beer) to some members of RAC South west.

“It is no news to you that the south west has some of the best referees the nation can boost of in Elite level 1-e FIFA’s and federal referees who are of good example to us the young ones. What would become of the new generation of referees who are to replace the senior ones if the talent and aspirations are been crushed because of selfish and personal interest of individuals.

“Let football federation please set up an ethic committee to look into the issues affecting referees in the region because young and talented referees in the region are been maltreated, which is damping their interest for a better career in the referees domain. Referees have always been afraid to air out their minds for fear of being suspended which I know will be the case for me. Hence, I seize to be a referee of south west regional of fecafoot.

“In the course of this football season, about 8 regional league referees were suspended within 48 hours for failing to execute their work properly. Recently, we all witnessed the most shocking refereeing decision Cameroon as a whole and south west in particular has ever seen and it is over a week know, nothing has been said or done.

“Let us hold our officials accountable, same time offering them our support on how to move forward.
Together we can bring back the integrity, peace and honour to our beloved south west football referees appointment commission” Akangou’s message addressed to the SW regional president read.

In recent times, there’s been huge criticism on the referees and refereeing in the Southwest region as valid stakeholders accuse those in charge of colliding a particular team to achieve results.

It is unclear what Micheal who has been one of the reference referees in the region especially within the past two seasons, is up to next.

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