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Dare Remains a Source of Pride and Inspiration to Oyo state, Says Legal Practitioner

by Lesley Ngwa
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Legal luminary, Barrister Sulayman Dawud Abese has stated that there is no word that succinctly describes Sunday Dare’s monumental achievements as youth and sports minister. He posited that Dare effectively raised the bar of achievement to the next rung, demonstrating that he is truly a son of the soil with vast knowledge and experience, giving how he transformed the youth and sports sector.

To succinctly put, he can be described as a national assest.

“I wasn’t surprised when he was bestowed with such high ranking national honour as the award of CON. He was passionate about the job he was given,” said Barrister Abese.

“He is hardworking, he demonstrated the slogan of Ogbomosho, ‘Ogbomoso Agisegiri’ ”

Sulayman, a soft spoken lawyer of more than two decades of experience, further said Dare stands as an inspiration to Oyo state.

“Someone close to me, who is not just an elite but an elegant lawyer said to me that it was Dare’s achievement that made him reckon with the city called Ogbomoso. I jokingly laughed and said that he is an ambassador of Ogbomoso, who goes just beyond a national figure but also a character of international repute”.

Sunday Dare was given an award far away South Asian nation of Maldives, for his outstanding contributions in the sports industry.

“Many of us are studying his footprints of success, so that we can follow the formidable track he laid for others to follow,” the Ogbomosho born lawyer concluded.


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