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Coach Moses taking Foncha Street into the Promised Land!

by Lesley Ngwa
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Here is a coach no one seems to be noticing but Mbaboh Moses is grinding results slowly, surely but unnoticeably with his new club Foncha Street in the elite two championship. This is the most competitive elite two championship in recent years but Foncha Street are already topping the log with 12 points plus a match in hand.

The Bamenda based outfit have played only 5 games under the technical guidance of coach Moses. They are the only side to have won 4 games this season. They have scored 6 goals and have conceded just 1 (the best defence). Mbaboh Moses has succeeded in turning the fortunes of Foncha Streets around with experience, discipline and passion.

Who is Mbaboh Moses?

Born and bred in Kumba, coach Mbaboh Moses began his career as a football player with Golden Soap fc of Kumba. His talent took him to next door PWD Kumba which was one of the most famous clubs in Cameroon at the time. However, his career as a player was short-lived when he moved over to Limbe and immediately introduced himself into the coaching business.

What are his coaching qualifications?

Coach Mbaboh is holder of the A CAF which is the highest CAF license for football coaches. This means that he can coach even the national team. The only CAF license that is more superior to the A CAF is the CAF Pro and this is for CAF instructors.

Aside from the highest CAF coaching license, coach Mbaboh also has a license “B” CAF, license “C” CAF, Fecafoot educator Coaching license “C” and “B1”, Fecafoot Educator Coaching license “B” and an Educator Attestation.

Coach Mbaboh’s A CAF badge (class mates) include amongst others: Anong Bennedict, Rene Essomba (Fauve Azure coach), Lauren Djam, Andréas Nyamsi, Njuku Barnabas (Bamboutos fc), Ekokobe Joseph, Ndlend Emile, Mongo Benjamin, Billé Tanga, Clément Zeko (Astres). Coach Mbaboh began with 65 others for the C CAF classes and graduated with only 25 others at A CAF.

Which are the clubs he previously coached?

Coach Mbaboh first had a brief spell as head trainer at Continental football Center in the South West Regional League between 2007 and 2008. But his coaching career took off to a flying start proper at Dynamic fc of Buea in 2009 when he qualified them from the South West Regional League to Elite two in 2012/13. He became a household name in Buea where he won the hearts and minds of the locals. That’s not all.

He also won the CBS Radio award for best Regional coach in 2014. From Dynamic, he went to Njalla Quan Sports Academy of Limbe in 2015/16. The same year he was defending his CAF license.

From Njalla Quan he moved over to Sima Football Academy as technical Director where he helped them qualify for the regional league.

From SIMA FA of Mbengwi, Union Sportive of Douala employed him as assistant gaffer in 2018 where he spent one and a half seasons. Together with his friend and boss, Wallinjom Daniel, they notably helped Union from sinking into the abyss of relegation through a firefighting mission.

From Union, coach Mbaboh moved over to Options Sport in Limbe in 2020/21. He helped Options reach the 32nd finals of the Cup of Cameroon but eventually left the club following misunderstandings with club management.

From there he moved next door to Limbe City Council Football Academy (Lifca) in the 2021/22 season. This was where Foncha Street saw him as the “Moses” to take them into the Promised Land.

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