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Alexandre Song shares journey of scoring goals to building dreams for family

by Lesley Ngwa
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  • Alexander Song has opened up on his journey from a challenging childhood in Cameroon to international football fame
  • Despite a tough upbringing with limited resources, Song’s talent led him from local clubs to global giants like Arsenal and Barcelona, and to represent Cameroon on the world stage

In an inspiring session with Toridey on friday May 17, Alex Song, the former Cameroon international and distinguished player for clubs like Arsenal and Barcelona, shared his journey from a challenging childhood to achieving football success.

Alex reflected on his early years, saying, “As a child, I never imagined football could transform my life. My only aspiration was to play in Europe, to own jerseys, and to find happiness. The concept of football bringing wealth and a comfortable life was foreign to me. It was only when I began my career at Bastia that I realized the possibilities, as I saw teammates arrive in their own cars, a symbol of success I had not considered.”

Life at home was tough. Alex’s mother, a low-ranking police officer, struggled to provide for her five children. They lived in a rented home without basic amenities, where even a toilet was a luxury. “We had to resort to using plastic bags at night and tossing them over the fence, a humbling and degrading experience,” Alex recounted.

Despite these hardships, Alex’s talent shone through. His career trajectory took him from the youth ranks of Red Star 93 and SC Bastia to the heights of international football. He became a key player for Arsenal, where his performances earned him a move to Charlton Athletic, then Barcelona, one of the world’s most prestigious clubs. After a storied career in Europe, Alex returned to Africa, playing for AS Arta/Solar7 before hanging up his boots.

On the international stage, Alex represented Cameroon with pride, representing the country from U17 to the national team, earning 49 caps with the Indomitable Lions. His midfield prowess saw him play two Africa cup of nations (2008,2010) and two world cup (2010,2014).

The turning point in Alex’s life came with his first significant paycheck from Bastia. The first thing he did was secure a house for his mother in Bonamoussadi, ensuring she would never again face the indignities of their past. Today, she enjoys the comfort of owning two houses and the freedom of driving her own cars.

Alex’s story is not just about his ascent to football stardom; it’s a testament to his character. He overcame societal humiliation and the absence of a father figure, drawing strength from his mother’s unwavering love. His journey from the streets of Cameroon to the stadiums of Europe is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of determination and the beautiful game.

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